How To Behave When Going Out Shooting

Are you contemplating taking your girlfriend to the Shooting Range this weekend? Wow, that is a brilliant idea seeing as how much you love guns and how much more you love her, it would be nice if she could be able to join your thing for guns and every thrill shooting at the Gun Range gives. The trickiest part is to get her to say yes and now that you have already achieved that milestone, it is time to prepare you with some firearm safety and shooting tips on how to have a fun day with your woman out there teaching her how to shoot. If she said no, dude don’t push it! Anyway, here are some tips you could use to make sure you and your loved one have fun shooting together for the first time.

It is better to help you girl pick a less powerful Firearms but more importantly let them choose all by themselves. Be it the looks or light weight, let them pick a firearm that catches their eye. Sometimes they use your gun as the standard measure and will want to go for a smaller one. Others want to choose one just like it yet other want an even bigger one. What can I say, women are complicated beings! Anyway, if she chooses a gun too powerful for a first timer, don’t tell her how it is out of her league. Instead, explain to her how she can learn with one with a lesser recoil then build up to the big guns.

The weather has everything to do with it. You need to pick her day when the mood is right, and your soul mate is all too eager to go out shooting with you. If you are not expecting clear skies anytime soon, you can try an Indoor Shooting Range. The important thing here is that your partner has a clear mind to focus because as easy as it may seem o you now, shooting is not that easy for first timers.

If it’s her absolute first time shooting, then you need to be prepared to go over the basics and safety precautions several times before she ever fires the first shot. If you are all jumpy and you can’t control your excitement, things are likely to go south real fast. She will either hate the fact that she is not as good as you are with guns or gods forbid she could hurt herself or someone.

As a safety precaution, don’t ever grab the weapon from your girlfriend when out shooting unless she is about to shoot herself or others. Even when she is flustered about missing the target the umpteenth time, instead of taking the firearm and shooting the target yourself, it is better to stand behind her and gently place your arms on hers and help her aim. While these are general tips on spending a day out on the Gun Range with your girlfriend, all women don’t react the same way to guns so know yours! Have fun and be safe!